International Students Can Earn An MBA Without Work Experience In The US

There is a widely held belief that MBA students who have professional experience typically gain more from the program than those who do not. Therefore, it has been found that MBA graduates with work experience are better able to relate to the material they studied in business school than their peers who merely completed the program without it.

Hence, it stands to reason that many schools favor applicants to their MBA programs who have work experience. If you are a student enrolled in a program at a business school in the United States and lack any relevant practical experience, you could find it difficult to relate the information you learn there.

However, there are some institutions, even in the United States, that will let you enroll in an MBA program even if you lack work experience (even though you will have an edge in getting into a top MBA program if you have work experience). By doing this, you will be given the opportunity to build the necessary networking skills despite your lack of job experience, which will substantially aid you in getting off to a successful start in your professional career.

You can study an MBA in these United States of America institutions without work experience:

  • Chicago Booth School of Business
  • Sloan School Of Management – MIT
  • Wharton MBA – University of Pennsylvania
  • Haas School of Business – University of California, Berkeley

While you can search around for others, the above are recommended high-brow institutions

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