Scholarships in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2022–2023: Live and Study for Free

Fully funded scholarships are available through Scholarships Dubai and The United Arab Emirates for overseas students wishing to pursue a full-time bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, or a doctorate at UAE universities in a variety of subjects. Additionally, universities in the United Arab Emirates are among the best public universities in the world.

Government of Dubai and Universities in Dubai offer scholarships to international students and local citizens every year and here we have listed some best Scholarships in Dubai and UAE in Master’s Degree Scholarships, and undergraduate level scholarships.

Students on a UAE Ministry scholarship are qualified for full tuition, a monthly remuneration of over $3,180, an annual airline ticket, books and clothing, medical insurance, and numerous other benefits.

UAE as the most advanced Arab countries, is also the home of the best educational institutions in the world, like United Arab Emirate University, University of Shirjah, Zayed University, American University of Shirjah, Khalifa University. These higher institutions provides high quality education at a relatively low cost.

Working in UAE on a student visa

Before the year 2017, students in UAE were not allowed to work on part-time. There were only allowed to work on campus or do internships. The law was changed in 2017 and students are now allowed to obtain work permit from UAE government if they want to do a part-time job as students. So you can now study and work unlike before.

Lists of 2022/2023 Scholarships in (Dubai) UAE

Studying in UAE can be very expensive especially for international students. So here we have put together a list of available scholarships in Dubai UAE that you can apply which can cover your educational expenses.


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